Steve Kiernan

Hey, I'm Steve (SK2 to most)

Startup Founder - SaaS CEO - Marketing & Sales Lover - Avid Swearer 🤷🏼‍♂️

One of the biggest mistakes people (and startups) make is the near-endless cycle of talking and planning and meeting, without getting to the “doing” part.

If you or your team can’t seem to make progress, I can help.

Here's Where I can help you & Your Teams

I’ve started or run 10 companies – some good, some bad, some great! Along the journey I’ve been in nearly every trench you can imagine. Now I share those experiences with other entrepreneurs.

B2B Marketing

Most early teams don’t know where to start. Even experienced teams fall into vanity & technology traps. 

Sales & Marketing SLA

These two functions need to be in lock-step. At best, each helps the other. At worst (which happens a lot), each blames the other.

Product Decisions

How many tools exist that claim to help companies make better decisions? Why then do good decisions elude most teams?


This. Is. Everything. Nothing is more important. What’s your vision? How are you aligning teams? Are you making progress? 

Friends - Colleagues - Clients

The interactions & fabulous collisions that occur over 20-plus years are too many to recount. Here are a few.

There have been dozens of conversations and moments with SK2 that I hold close to me. I learned, laughed and grew as a person both personally and professionally working for Steve at Pointman.

Brian Vital

Brian Vital

VP, Sales Development @ Zoominfo

Steve is a great entrepreneur, leader, and community activist for Buffalo’s startup scene. SK2 has a great ability to communicate with others, and inspire those around him.

Eben Piazza

Eben Piazza

Outside Sales, Emerson Swan

Stephen brings an unmatched energy and enthusiasm to the organization and shapes the corporation each day by challenging every member of the staff to be better. 

Steven Raines

Steven Raines

Serial Entrepreneur

Hey entrepreneurs! I have a ton of respect for what you do everyday! If my experience can help, let's do it!