Steve Kiernan

Here's a little about me

I’ve spent the last twenty-plus years starting and running companies, which I love! Last May (2020) I was fortunate to exit our SaaS business, Pointman, selling it to ServiceTitan. Prior to that, I co-founded Field Nimble which we sold to Pointman and served as CEO for both companies. In addition to starting and running SaaS companies, I’ve started or run professional consulting practices, a venture accelerator, a digital marketing firm, and some other quirky stuff mixed in. I’ve experienced a lot, and I’ve had the high highs and low lows that you might imagine across the board.


My latest adventure is in real estate investing. My focus, for now, is aggressively growing a portfolio of small multi-family properties. I thought it would be fun to write about the journey so I started a blog called where I write about all the stuff – good and bad – that I’m going through all the way from having 0 units to my first 100. I still have a long way to go. I’ll get there!


Life and work have always been a really blurry line for me. I’m not a 9-to-5, put it down and go home type of person. I’ve had the great fortune to work professionally with both my dad (the OG “SK”) and my mom at different points in my career, and now I’m in business with my sister. Work weaves in and out of everyday life – that’s normal for me. That said, I’m a pretty aggressive vacation-taker. I watched my old man not take any for years, and I promised myself and my family that I would do better, so we travel a lot (F-you 2020…for so many reasons). In addition to travel and vacations, I’m a genuine Disney lover (and Amex and Southwest airlines – stories for another day), a craft beer geek, an aspiring scotch & bourbon connoisseur, and a decent amature tiki bartender.


There’s so much more…but who has the time?